Seams - photo by Dahlia Katz
Seams - photo by Dahlia Katz

Seams - photo by Dahlia Katz
Seams - photo by Dahlia Katz

Seams - photo by Dahlia Katz
Seams - photo by Dahlia Katz

Seams - photo by Dahlia Katz
Seams - photo by Dahlia Katz


NNNN - "Seams is one of the most rewarding shows at SummerWorks" 

-  Jon Kaplan, Now Magazine


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Seams enjoyed a fantastic run at the 25th Annual SummerWorks Festival. We would like to thank everyone who supported this production; by making donations to our FWYC campaign, attending our fundraiser, bidding on our online auction items, and, of course, by filling our audience each night. It was so rewarding to be able to share this story with over 500 people throughout the festival and to hear so much insightful feedback. 


Our production also received some very positive acknowledgement in Now Magazine's SummerWorks wrap-up - being recognized in the Outstanding New Plays, Outstanding Productions, Outstanding Direction, Outstanding Ensembles, and Outstanding Design Categories.


Congratulations to everyone involved in the festival this year and a big thank you to the SummerWorks staff and volunteers that made it all possible!


We would like to acknowledge the generous support of the following individuals who, along with many others, donated to our FWYC Campaign, helping us reach our $5000 goal: 


Theatre Producers ($250)


Jamie Mahaffy

Omnifilm Entertainment

Davies Harley-Davidson

Michael MacLean

Don Stuart

Mary Elizabeth Morris


Heads of Wardrobe and Design ($100)


Steven Pigozzo 

David Davies 

Sara Jones

MD & LM 

Igor & Olga Ikonnikov

Olga Selivanova

Andrey and Julia Dudarev

Prestige Decor Inc. 

Doug Watters

Ann Rae

Linda Davies & Peter Haynes

Paul Potter



Master Costume Designers ($50)


Linda Davies & Peter Hynes

Wendy Thomson 

Michele Bourgon 

Conor Fitzgerald


Arseni Selivanov

Janet and Roger Beck

Marian StuParick

Elena Karpelson

Irina Kuznetsova

Marilyn Rowell & Michael Katzemba

Alexandra Strakhova

Michael Atlin

Marion Van Horn

Bill Webster

Ian Mcnulty

Madeline Malczewska

Courtney Deelen

Marty Chodorek

Rosey Tyler

Pamela Kikosewin-Holden

Justin Hay

Blake Thorne



A very big thank you also to Lidia, Igor and Nick Phokeev, as well as the Mississauga Russian Community and friends for their generous donations and support:


The Pardal Family, Alfija Gilmizjanova, The Racu Family, Yadranka Mracevic, Irina Kuznetsova, The Ikonnikov Family, The Rezgo Family, Sasha Popovich Mills, Eva and Maria Hergovich, Alla Chernishova, and Ina, Sonja and Giorgi Belov.